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The menu features local shrimp, fish, savory slow-cooked chicken or pork carnitas, and smoked beef brisket. Fire-roasted salsa compliment the house specialty taco salad which can be enhanced with grilled fish, shrimp, avocado, or marinated chicken thighs. Vegetarian and gluten-free selections are available.


General Manager
Kelli Misener

Kelli Misener

Kelli moved to the area in 1995 and has been with Word of Mouth Restaurant Group since 2009. In her years with the company she has honed skills working in various positions that have culminated in her management of Red Fish Taco. She has created a team environment for her staff that makes work a rewarding experience and translates to guests as a cool, fun, friendly vibe. A dynamic menu with lots of choices, daily & happy hour specials along with great music served up in the Garden Room make Red Fish Taco a great place for locals & visitors alike.

Chef Stacian Robbins

Stacian Robbins

Chef Stacian (stay-see-AN) is from the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. She has been with Word of Mouth Restaurant Group for five years and enjoys sharing foods from different cultures with her guests. She sees the menu at Red Fish Taco as an expression of Coastal & Island dishes rather than just Mexican fare. She shares the flavors of her homeland every weekend when Jerk Chicken, Coconut Rice & Beans & Tostones is on the menu as a daily special.